New Student Registration: Please call the office at 508-650-5042 or email community to set up a free preliminary trial class, placement class or to register.

Returning Student Registration: Register online

All CDA families are charged an annual $35.00 registration fee.

Preliminary students aged 3–7 may take a free trial class at any time during the year. Please call the office to confirm a trial date.

 CDA Required Emergency Health Form Required to Complete Registration:

Required Emergency Health Form:  academy health form

Community Dance Academy Curriculum 

Creative Movement and Music: Ages 3-4

This class is designed to instill a love of dance and an enduring appreciation of physical activity through imaginative movement and play.  The child will learn the foundation of movement, spatial awareness, rhythm, coordination, creativity and personal expression.

Preliminary Division: Ages 4-8 

Students are introduced to basic dance movements, beginner ballet, and music skills. Levels are carefully constructed for each age group, encouraging rhythm, coordination, creativity, and listening skills. Informal presentations are held for parents at the end of the year.

Lower Division (Ballet Levels 1-3)

Technique is introduced with continued opportunity for creative expression. Lower Division students participate in the June Performance at the Keiter Performing Arts Center. Classes continue to build strong technique and dance vocabulary. Female students will begin pointe work when their age and strength are appropriate.

Upper Division (Ballet Levels 4-7)

Upper Division classes continue to build and strengthen technique and dance vocabulary. Female students will begin pointe work when their age and strength are appropriate.Daily classes and expanded performance opportunities are provided for those students who wish to study more intensively.

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