Ballet Videos

Ballet videos to help you stay inspired

Ms.Atkins and Ms.Swallow have suggested a few ballet videos to help you stay inspired!

If you have some down time:

For levels PB, 1-3

Christopher Wheeldon’s Alice in Wonderland is brilliant and fun for the whole family!  Wheeldon created this for the Royal Ballet in London in 2011.

Learn more and watch the entire ballet here!

Here’s a short clip of a dreamy waltz through a flower garden. Be sure to watch to the end to meet some fun characters!

Here’s a clip of the Mad Hatter’s tea party!

For levels  4-7:

Check out these two videos from The Royal Ballet. The first is the Classical rose Adagio from Sleeping Beauty, choreography based on Petipa. The second video is the “Tart Adage” from Christopher Wheeldon’s Alice in Wonderland. See how Mr. Wheeldon pays homage to, and pokes fun of, Petipa’s choreography!

Rose Adagio (Sleeping Beauty) click here


The Tart Adage (Alice In Wonderland) click here

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