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From Traveling Tutus Ambassador – Thank you!

Hi everyone! It’s Adele, your Traveling Tutus Ambassador. Thank you everyone who bought a snack at our snack shack! I am so proud to announce that we have collected $142! This is a big jump from last year!! Thank you again for your support!


Hello everyone! I hope you all are having great beginning of March! My name is Adele Mah, the CDA’s Traveling Tutus Ambassador! During parent viewing week, March 11th-16th, 2019 there will be a snack shack outside studio 3! Each of the snacks will be $1 and all the proceeds will be donated to Traveling Tutus, a non-profit organization that sends gently-used costumes and dance wear to countries in need of it. I encourage everyone to bring a few extra dollars to purchase a delicious treat in support of a great cause. I would also like to thank everyone who purchased a snack and/or donated an item last year! I really appreciate it! Please feel free to continue donating any gently-used dance wear! Thank you so much!

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